We specialize in the care of all your floor cleaning needs:
  • Upholstery 
  • Specialty Rugs - Oriental, Wool, & Silk
  • Our products are baby & pet safe
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Deep scrub dirt removal lifts and untangles carpet 
  • Biodegradable, Organic, & Green- Preserving human health & our environment
  • All Cleaning Solutions are taking off your property and disposed of properly. Not dumped in your yard or parking lot to re-enter the ground water or our drinking water. Even though my solutions are all GREEN

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Low Moisture Cleaning Process:
Carpet Green Clean uses a bonnet style wand that applies a Green Soap Solution at a rate that slightly moistens the carpet. This process uses a solution that is safe, effective and contains no harmful chemicals or solvents. It is carbonated, odor-free, and rinses clean leaving NO DETERGENT residue behind! Since there is no extra rinsing required for the carpets and upholstery dries much faster than any steam based system .
This process uses a wand bonnet that weighs 38lbs. and the bonnet style heads that counter rotate two cleaning heads. This means that not only does it scrub the carpet, removing the dirt from the base of the carpet fiber but it also removes all the dirt the last guy washed down. This method thoroughly cleans the carpet from all directions with over 100 cleaning passes rather than the back and fourth motion of the typical cleaner.